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Hearty Meals, Balanced Diets.

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Empowerment with Gentle Care.

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Expert care for resident's comfort.

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Casa Serena is a genuine homely residence that aims to offer an unequalled standard of excellence in terms of ambience, comfort, service and above all, medical care.

The home's most outstanding feature lies in its dedication towards comprehensive medical care. The place is managed by medically qualified Graduates with a hands on approach to ensure the attention and client satisfaction. The medical team includes a resident doctor, qualified nurses and care workers. Each and every resident is continuously monitored by a personalized occupational-therapy plan which helps to overcome disabilities and regain independence.

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The duration of your stay at Casa Serena is a matter of personal choice. No matter how long or short you opt to stay, Casa Serena will always provide that comforting, home-away-from-home feeling.

Wide Orthopedic Beds
Individual Nurse Call System Above Each Bed
Specifically Designed Furniture
Emergency Nurse Call Systems In Every Bathroom
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For detailed information about our services and admission procedures, feel free to contact us. Our dedicated team is committed to providing professional assistance and addressing your queries promptly.

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Casa Serena Home For Residential Care

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